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Social development and launch of a fish-farming enterprise

The villages of Iseme and Musanga-Enku are surrounded by rivers, forest and jungle. Women do the farming, which is one of the livelihoods in the village, where the unemployment rate is rising.

In Iseme, the Sisters of the Holy Family of Bordeaux are engaged in livestock farming. Meat and fish are rare, so the Sisters took advantage of the rivers to set up a fish-farming enterprise. They raised awareness among the young people of the need to do something to cover their food needs and earn some money.

Following a great deal of communal effort, the fish-farming enterprise was set up in the two villages.

Project type

  • Training in fish-farming for a group of local people

  • Creation of a team of project advisers

  • Construction of 3 ponds

  • Provision of equipment (tools and fry)

40 small
farmers from
the Iseme region
Local people
from the area

Project objectives:

  • To increase the income of the local population through selling fish

  • Creation of an independent income-generating activity

  • To broaden the range of foodstuffs

  • To reduce the rates of unemployment and delinquency in the two villages

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