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Three-year drug prevention project

Aimed at adolescents

Training a multidisciplinary project team and creating extended partnerships between teachers, doctors, psychologists, local officials and elected representatives, and young people in order to develop a wide-ranging three-year programme aimed at preventing the risks of drug use and trafficking. This programme aims to strengthen the relations adolescents have with their parents, teachers and friends, as way of protecting them in what is a highly dangerous environment, particularly in this region.

In the Asunción suburbs :

60% of the
population is under
the age of 30

Activities underway:

  • Music, language, sport and recycling workshops; summer camps; community initiatives, etc.

  • Leadership training for young project advisers in developing this prevention programme and consolidating it throughout the project term.

  • Workshops with parents, teachers and school directors

  • One-to-one conversations and with families

  • Family visits

  • Coordination of all the private and public stakeholders in the programme


 2 public colleges

(3,200 young people)

1,000 young people
from the town
of Nemby
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