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Construction of a boarding school for underprivileged children from the region

The Holy Family of Bordeaux has been present in BODA since 2014, working in education and social welfare.

BODA is a village of around 400 families, located not far from Ambikapur.

Every day, to get to school, the children must walk for 7 to 10 km in conditions that are very difficult, especially for the little girls. It is a poor agricultural region, where employment is sporadic and seasonal, because of the monsoon.

The HFB works on behalf of the children to prevent illiteracy, ill-treatment and gender inequality

Activities and objectives

Building a boarding school, hiring a site supervisor and looking after the children in the meantime

Ensuring the safety of the children, offering study opportunities and providing as complete an education as possible through the option of boarding and thus a safe learning environment.


50 children
15 villages
in the region
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